Your objective

Improve productivity and efficiency

PlaniSense gives you the means to increase productivity and output in your plants.


The challenge: Getting more done with the same resources

Manufacturers are constantly subject to the contradictory injunction which consists in generating more value with a constant level of resources or else in doing as much with less.

The only solution to this dual problem is to simultaneously and continuously increase productivity and efficiency at production plants.

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Our solution

PlaniSense uses the best solvers on the market to optimize the use of resources in a constrained environment in order to improve overall productivity and performance in production plants.

Optimization in PlaniSense concerns both mid-term planning and shorter-term scheduling.

Automatic planning enables load smoothing, resource sizing and lot size definition over the mid term, with an objective of maximizing service levels and minimizing inventory costs.

Automatic scheduling makes it possible to allocate human resources to tasks efficiently, taking into account the skills required, and to simultaneously optimize production sequences and the choice of equipment to minimize idle time, taking into account precedence constraints.

How we work

PlaniSense solution implementation times vary according to the functional scope to be deployed, but remain relatively short (around 3 to 9 months). This guarantees our customers control over integration costs and the risks inherent in deployment projects. We adopt an agile approach to stay as close as possible to user needs and prepare the ground for effective change management.

Phase 1: Framing


  • Define project scope and objectives
  • Define project success criteria
  • Understand and master workflow and processes
  • Define target solution
  • Draw up a detailed project schedule
Phase 2 : Incremental delivery

Incremental delivery

  • Determine the content of each iteration based on the functionalities described in the backlog
  • Progressively parameterize and integrate PlaniSense functionalities
  • Deliver a functional version of PlaniSense after each iteration
  • Collect and process user feedback after each iteration
Phase 3: Go-Live and Hypercare

Go-Live and Hypercare

  • Validate User Acceptance Tests (UAT)
  • Lead the transition to using the solution in a production environment
  • Support users during the Hypercare support period
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Three modules to suit your needs

The PlaniSense solution comprises three modules: Demand Planning, Supply Chain Planning and Scheduling. These modules can be used independently or complement each other, depending on the specific needs of each customer. Each module contributes, at its own level, to the overall improvement of the company's level of reactivity, thanks to advanced alert systems, simulation and collaborative work functionalities.

Are you ready to transform your Supply Chain planning?